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Colours of Coolant

About Colours of Coolant.

There are mainly 3 types of antifreeze coolant formulations, Inorganic Additive Technology (IAT), Organic Acid Technology (OAT) & Hybrid Organic Technology (HOAT).

IAT have additives, which would be depleted while forming the protective layer. Their coolant coding are conventionally green or yellow colour. IAT coolant needs to be changed at regular intervals of 2 years. In Asia, IAT coolant poses a service problem of silicate drop out & corrosiveness would lead to damages in water pump seals & poor heat transfer.
Silicate built up combine

OAT coolant are formulated with Extended-Life carboxylate based material. Full carboxylate coolants contain no silicates & they only act upon areas or spots where corrosion protection is needed, instead of forming protective layers. Thus giving rise to their long life heavy duty protection. OAT coolant are compatible with existing IAT & HOAT coolant & can be mixed without problems with chemical reactions. They are pink or orange colour coded.

HOAT coolant are formulated with the combination of conventional IAT coolant & organic technology. They are usually used in cars with coper/brass radiator or heater core. The IAT part of the coolant provides quick anti corrosion actions while the OAT formula provides for extended service interval. They are blue, pink & orange colour coded.
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