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Business charactor

Business Tests Character

Business Tests Character

The moment you enter the world of business you will have a hundred opportunities a day to act beneficially or wrongly to deal with people fairly or otherwise, to enhance your social environment or pollute it.

Here’s a story to enhance the understanding of this point.

A plumber who has been earning a decent living for ten years came up with a idea of selling maintenance contracts that provide free plumbing repairs for a year for 700 house holds who pay $100 annual fee. Parts are an additional charge but are discounted. The idea catches on & he soon expands his business & his slogan was “No more money down the drain”. At a national level, soon there are enquires on this idea & he took it to a franchise operation. Within five years, he has eight hundred authorised franchises around the country. He is paying himself a salary of 6 figures. His stock in his company is worth millions & he has a new 12 bed room home, a country house, a small plane, a fleet of cars ….

But things begin to change. Employees who used to like him become fearful & resentful. His franchises, appreciative at first, now thinks he is a jerk. His suppliers have gone sour on him as he bargain down to the cents on every invoice. His wife has left him, his kids are spoiled, he’s overweight & he takes medication for high blood pressure & sedatives to help him sleep.

Like the plumber, your character will be tested by your business. You will have to deal with customers, suppliers & business people under similar pressure. Some of them won’t have your interest at heart or those of the society at large. You know what money can do to people & as a business person you will encounter some of the strangest behaviour you’ve ever seen…..

Part of growing a business.