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How to choose a quality car battery & make your $$$ worth it

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Do you have these experience with a car battery before? You bought a brand new battery & paid some good money for it, after installing it for 6 months it went dead. And the worst part is the warranty has expired.

Well, I recently had a bad experience myself. Just bought a new car & when the battery was tested it only have 12% life left on it & the dealer who sold me the car said that it can still last & no warranty claim was approved !

How do you choose a quality car battery & make your $$$ worth it?

Battery Life

A brand new battery is at 100% life. Overtime, its lifespan drops & when it reaches 30% the battery can drop dead anytime especially when the weather turns from hot to cold suddenly. Its recommended to change the battery at this point. As a rule of thumb, a car battery must have a minimum life of 80% before you install it in the car.

Internal Resistance

A battery internal resistance cannot be more than 10mΩ. It has to be as low as possible. The lower the resistance the easier for the battery to charge up.

Terminal voltage

The ideal terminal voltage of a battery is at least at 12.6V. The car’s alternator charges the battery & maintains the voltage.

For more information, please view my video at YouTube:

In my coming Tech Talk Series, I’m going to show you how to check the performance of a car’s alternator. In the meantime, you can pop into KoolTec Service Centers & have your battery checked.

Can you see the business opportunity here to sell more car batteries? Thank you for reading my blog.