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Car Air Conditioning & Engine Performance

How does a car’s air conditioning affects engine performance

I’ve previously mentioned in my other blogs on engine performance in particular with the alternator & AC. The AC when in operation typically robs about 10% of our car’s horse power.

There’s a video on YouTube Channel “engineering explained”, illustrating this point further. Here is his findings - With the AC turned on, the car uses more energy to reach top speed. ( View the video here https://youtu.be/ue6DsRncyfI )

Windows down vs AC

We approach this problem with our unique KoolTec AC Concept. The oil in the AC compressor lubricates, remove dirt & reduces friction and if the reduction of friction is further enhanced, the AC compressor would need to work less hard to provide the cooling efficiency.

What we do for you is to remove 100% of the old compressor oil & inject a new superior quality oil package with quantity of oil & refrigerant specified by the car’s manufacturer and this completed with no parts removed. This special compressor oil package reduces friction in the compressor drastically thus giving back horse power to the engine.

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The History of Air Conditioning

The History of Air Conditioners & How This Changed The World

With temperatures continuing to rise across the world & summers becoming more & more unbearable with each passing year, there’s no better time than now to take a look at the evolution of cooling through the years & how man grew to be dependent on his little invention.

Did you know that man’s attempts to keep his homes cooler than the outside temperature have been going on since ancient times? However, it was only in 1902 that Willis Havilland Carrier invented the first modern air conditioner.

There are a few historical moments to note which influenced the development of automotive air conditioning (MAC) -
- 1987 Montreal Protocol phased out of ozone depleting substances
- 1994 R12 refrigerant banned in all automotive AC & replaced with R134a
- 1997 Kyoto Protocol signed to protect earth’s climate reducing green house gases
- 2013 R134a green house gases compulsory replacement with R1234yf in all new car models

If you are interested in knowing more such interesting facts about the progression of air conditioning through the years & how it changed the world in more ways than one, don’t forget to take a look at the stunning, new infographic from Sovereign!
(Content reproduced with permission from
Sovereign Planned Services Ltd, UK)

How KoolTec Car AC Service concept brings your business forward into the Informative economy

How KoolTec Car AC Service concept brings your business forward into the Informative economy

3 Economy Changes in the business environment

1. Products & services must contain more quality & information. We demand it.
2. The market is becoming so different that size of our business is no longer an advantage. Big businesses often don’t deliver the goods.
3. Passive consumers are being replaced by demanding consumers

The Informative Economy = knowledge added to resources to make them valuable

Our KoolTec Concept Approach -

Providing information about our customers car AC problems
KT CustomerReports
Providing a resources to solve the problems
KT solution
Delivering the results
KT results

How to remove white exhaust smoke from Ford Everest

How to remove white exhaust smoke from Ford Everest 2.5L Turbo

Ford Everest video pix

I’ve recorded the process I went through to remove the white smoke from my Ford Everest common rail 2.5L Turbo Diesel @ 35,000 km. You can download the PDF file here.

All about MAC compressor lubricants

All about MAC compressor lubricants

Read all the details on MAC compressor lubricants.

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