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Cooling system concept

Once the car’s AC & engine performance is tuned up. The engine’s cooling system will come in to support the AC & engine performance.

Here’s the logic - when the engine over heats the performance & horse power ratings will drop. The radiator’s temperature would start to increase & the heat would increase the AC compressor operating temperature & therefore making the car AC hot.

The engine coolant, radiator, engine & condenser fan, radiator cap & coolant pump must work together to ensure the engine running temperature is correct.

The cooling system maintenance is a very neglected area. Have your cooling system checked for leaks & most coolant needs to be replaced every 2 years.

Why is it so important to have your engine coolant changed every 2 years ? Learn more here

Read about what the colours of coolant tells you.
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How do we perform engine cooling system test before any coolant change
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Car electric system concept

The car’s battery is used to start the engine. When the engine starts up, the battery gets charges up by the alternator. This discharge & charging cycle would eventually weaken the battery & it needs to be replaced. Knowing when this happens is important as you may find yourself calling the tow truck when your car’s battery fails.

The charging alternator need to be checked too. If the supply voltage is below 13.8V, it may not charge the battery properly, it may cause problems to the car ECU & the AC compressor clutch. Low supply voltage the AC clutch can cause premature failure & you may have to replace the whole compressor.
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The above is an example of a bad alternator. The output voltage is 13.65V which is performing marginally. The AC compressor turns on for only 3 secs & turns off & kept cycling this way. The voltage measured at the compressor side is only 12.7V, too low to keep the compressor clutch on.

To further confirm, we checked the charging current of the alternator, negative charging current is not ideal.

The health condition of the electrical system of a car will affect the performance of our car’s air conditioning.

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This is our brake fluid change concept. The brake fluid tester measures the amount of water in the fluid. At 2-3% water content, it is recommended to change new fluid. Results are printable.